Lake Lundgren Bible Camp

Continuing the Mission

We invite you to join us on this adventure

that will impact lives for eternity!

The camp staff and board of directors have been praying and planning for the ongoing development of the camp ministry and mission.  We are trusting the Lord to lead us along the way and to stir the hearts of His people to join us with their prayers, their gifts and their volunteering to come and help.

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Projects in the Next Phase

  • Parking Lot and Entrance Road- Completed
  • 2 Portable Cabins – Completed
  • Maintenance/Program Storage Shed
  •  Handicap Path and Hillside Terracing
  •  Challenge Course

Projects in the Future

2018-2023 Projects
     •  New Recreation Building and New Camp Store/Canteen
     •  Chapel and Cove Improvements
     •  Additional New Cabin
     • New Boat Docks

Desired Projects    

     •  Dining Hall replace or enlarge
     •  New Discipleship House/Facility
     •  Additional Water lines and well
     • Additional Property
     •  Enlarge the septic system



Thank you

Roger Tahtinen
Director of Lake Lundgren Bible Camp