Lake Lundgren Bible Camp


We are pleased to offer a 1-year camp internship.  The goal is to equip leaders for future ministry and to give a chance to receive experience in the unique world of Christian Camping.

We also offer an Advanced Internship program we call Residency. This program is designed for the college graduate (or equivalent) who wants to focus in 1 area of camp.

As with all paid positions on camp, there will be missionary support raised by each intern.  The minimum amount deadlines are as follows:
$1800 is needed before arrival.
Additional funds will be required at 3 separate times throughout the year (Nov 15, Feb 15, and May 15) at $1688 minimum per date for a final amount of $6864 for the year.

Download the application by right-clicking and choosing “Save Link As…”

Internship Application

Residency application

Staff Reference Form

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