Lake Lundgren Bible Camp



August 6-11, 2018   |   Cost: $270

What is SHOOTS?  In short, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

Roaring fires, deep Biblical teaching, team challenges, personal challenges, adventurous outings, delicious food (some meals grilled or cooked over a campfire) and friendships that could last a lifetime!  Wait…did we mention THE BEAST!!!!

The BEAST is a  relay challenge that will push your team to the limit.  The record time to date is 30 minutes, 8 seconds.  Will you be a part of the group that beats that record?  I guess we’ll see.


To be accepted into the SHOOTS program, submit the SHOOTS application (below), and have a pastor or youth pastor fill out the SHOOTS Recommendation Form (also below) and email it back to camp.

To access the application and/or Recommendation Form below, RIGHT CLICK and choose “Save Link As…”
SHOOTS Application
SHOOTS Recommendation Form Please have completed Recommendation Form sent to, Thank you.


* LLBC provides need-based, partial scholarships for all camp programs.  Get the Scholarship Form Here.

Email Jon or call 715-324-5457 ext 205

Anti-discrimination policy: This ministry of Lake Lundgren Bible Camp is open to all regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or handicap.