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Updated 2/17/2018

As you can see below, it takes a lot of effort to make these retreats happen.  Maybe your youth group or Bible study group could come together and serve.  Let us know!

If you are willing to be a huge blessing to camp by serving for one or more of these needs, please email or call 715-324-5457.



Winter 2017-2018


What We Still Need:

Arrival/Departure Times

 WinterFest   Dec 28-31  Arrive: Thu (6:30pm)
Depart: Sun (2:30pm)
 Guest Group   Jan 12- 14  Arrive: Fri (6:30pm)
Depart: Sun (3pm)
 Guest Group  Jan 19-21    Arrive: Fri (2:00pm)
Depart: Sun (2:30pm)
 Men’s Retreat  Jan 26-28  Arrive: Fri (2:00pm)
Depart: Sun (2:30pm)
 Guest Group   Feb 2-   4   Arrive: Fri (6:30pm)
Depart: Sun (2:30pm)
 Couples Retreat  Feb 9-   11 Arrive: Fri (6:30pm)
Depart: Sun (2:30pm)
 Guest Group Feb 16-18 Arrive: Fri (6:30pm)
Depart: Sun (2:30pm)
Guest Group   Feb 23-25 1 Program  Arrive: Fri (6:30pm)
Depart: Sun (2:30pm)
 Women’s Retreat  Mar 2-4  1 Cook  Arrive: Fri (6:30pm)
Depart: Sun (2:30pm)


Summer Volunteers are short term unpaid staff who serve for one or more weeks of summer camp.  Volunteers can choose to serve as dish crew, cooks, custodians, activity staff or counselors.  If you are ready to be challenged and blessed in an environment of service, we encourage you to apply.  An application is available below.

Camp Health Supervisors are short term unpaid staff who serve as the “Camp Nurse”.  Camp Health Supervisors must have be currently certified as an RN, EMT, or First Responder in the state of Wisconsin.  Main duties include dispensing medications and administering basic first aid.  An application is available below.

Fall/Winter/Spring Weekend Volunteers
We are always in need of volunteers to come and serve for our Fall, Winter, and Spring retreats.   If you have never seen camp during these seasons, you should check it out!  We have an immediate need for cooks, dishcrew, and custodial for every weekend this winter.  Email if you are interested in serving.

Minimum Age Requirements:
14 or older – you may volunteer for dish crew or custodial help (other positions require specific approval).
16 or older – you may volunteer for maintenance, cooking, or some activity staff positions.
18 or older – you may volunteer for activity staff or counseling* positions.

*Note that only those graduating from the LDC program may counsel before the age of 18

General qualifications for staff positions. Volunteers must:
– Have accepted by faith alone Jesus Christ as their savior, declared Him Lord of their lives, and be presently living out a consistent, Christ-honoring life.
– Desire to live and grow as a Godly example in a ministry to young people.
– Be able to accept responsibility and to submit to authority.
– Be a positive contribution to the staff team both in attitude and performance.
– Be healthy and capable of hard work.
– Be in agreement with the LLBC Statement of Faith

Please note:  a criminal background check is required on an annual basis for those 18 years of age or older (at time of application) to be considered for any position involving unsupervised one-on-one contact with campers (including counselors, camp health supervisors, craft shop workers, and other area instructors–fishing, riflery, archery, nature center, etc).

Click to access the HEALTH HISTORY FORM

To access the forms below, RIGHT CLICK and choose “Save Link As…”
Volunteer Staff Application
Camp Health Supervisor Application
Staff Character Reference Form
Winterfest Staff Application
Questions? Email camp or call 715-324-5457